Interested in restricting who can book specific appointment services? Want more assurance in which customers your contacting from your CRM? Wish you could sell a membership payment plan from the POS?
Get a little lost in all the different appointments on your schedule? You can now color-code your services, and hide empty availabilities to help you…
Want to stay ahead of the competition? Join us as marketing consultant Alexa Cawley walks through a marketing funnel that works, step-by-step.
Want customer renewals on a specific day of the month? Now you can!
Select if customers pay for card fees or direct debit fees separately & customize the terms within your account to better suit your business and…
Want to remove folks from sequences or target them with messages after key actions? Keep on top of customer attendance? Allow your UK customers to…
Want to set up automated sequences, but don't know where to begin? You now have access to sequence templates with sample content to get you started!
Refine your segments by filtering by customer tags, and send them a message.
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